LIVING DE LIFE: Happening Too Soon (Ep1) [@osayi4christ]

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There are numerous questions in the heart of every human being on the face of the earth, even if we try to overlook a lot of certain things as Christians. Today’s world is not just surrounded by land and water only but a lot of happenings. Its neither black nor white anymore, it’s neither free nor fair any more, many are the driving force of their own misfortunes. Culture race and religion, social contracts on economic back lashes…

Let’s seat back and take a cool snap back at history, though it hasn’t always been that exceptionally good, but we appreciated times. Time I would say has always been the twin brother of life. Liberty was observed by all, before our todays freedom got stolen. Yet many are still asking what happened, how it happened, it’s like a dream many people should wake up from. But the question still remains why! The password is the passport to the future, its import to live right and keep strong?

I slept last night and woke up to day’s society and happenings, how did we ever get here? Sometimes our greatest challenges in life is getting close to people, the world is moving at a fast pace today to tomorrow’s future and we must not be left behind. Unanswered questions lead to frustration and thoughts of fear, fear of the unknown. I used to remember once as a child when we were told to fear no man but respect all men only God takes it all…

He created all men, but not the father of all men and so with this in the mist of all this I can say the greatest document in the world has altered my originality

It all goes down to the diary of the spirit of God, I wonder how it will all turn out. But until we may never know what lies in store of our next step in the closet mountain just next by you.


osayiWRITTEN BY: Osayi J Ebolo is a young Nigerian Girl, born and brought up in Nigeria. She later relocated to the United States of America, currently a student. She is an inspirational writer & speaker,  show presenter, and an ex-beauty queen for ROR 2014 North America Christ Embassy.
TWITTER: @osayi4christ, INSTAGRAM: @miss_rousa2015


ABOUT LIVING DE LIFE; LIFE has been given different philosophies, principles and ideologies of what it’s and what it’s expected to be. DE essence of man’s futuristic end yet unknown keeps everyone running the race of life, with a choice to please the father or not. LIVING every day to discover the beauty of his glory on mankind even in the depth of man’s atrocities, we all have that grace to keep LIVING DE LIFE christlike24/7 with all that good stuff (2peter 1;3 – 1thessaloniains 2;12).

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