Evangelist Benny Hinn discharged from the Hospital

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“I’ve seen the hand of God at work, both through prayer and the physicians, God is faithful. My heart is strong. I have no heart damage. My arteries are not blocked. There is no arterial damage.” Says Benny Hinn
Pastor and World notable Evangelist Benny Hinn has been discharged from the hospital a week after he was admitted for heart issues associated with atrial fibrillation.
Hinn, 62 was cleared to go home late Friday night. He expressed deep thanks to his doctors, family, and supporters around world for his medical aid and also the prayer on his behalf.
“The AFib is being treated effectively, and my rapid heart rate has reduced considerably,” he continued. “I’m feeling stronger every day. The prognosis is good for a speedy and complete recuperation, and I’m so glad to be heading home to continue my road to recovery.”
Benny Hinn Ministries spokesman Ronn Torossian said many leaders and ministers around the world expressed their love and support for the evangelists throughout his hospital admission.
“It has been a literal flood of tributes, well-wishes, and expressions of love for a man who has traveled around the globe non-stop for over 40 years,” Torossian said. “I know the latest report of Pastor Benny’s release to go home will be welcome news for all.”
Hinn said he was deeply touched by the messages of support and prayer sent to him throughout from Christian leaders, together with Dr. Pat Robertson.
“I’ve been literally overwhelmed with all the outpouring of love from around the globe,” he said.

“Shortly after I arrived at the center, dear friends such as Reinhard Bonnke and Kenneth Copeland flew here to pray over me,” he goes on to say. “As the news spread, leaders such as Dr. Pat Robertson, Morris Cerullo, Tommy Barnett, Jack Hayford, Jan Crouch, Rod Parsley, Pastors Dennis and Eunice John, and Steve Munsey sent and phoned such warm greetings and kind words.”

“Dr. Paul Dhinakaran from India, who has prayer centers around the world, called to let us know that all of his people were interceding for me,” he said. “There are so many more than I can’t name them all.”
Hinn was admitted to the hospital for heart issues March 20 after an outreach in Brazil.


Earlier in the week, the evangelist’s doctors made it clear that he didn’t have a heart failure but was being treated for atrial fibrillation, that affected the rhythm of his heart inflicting shortness of breath and fatigue.
Doctors had to shock his heart to reset the rhythm, a procedure that proved successful.
Hinn has been in international ministry for forty years.


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