VIDEO: Southern California Rapper, EMMANUEL TARSUS, Speaks Life in “PRAY FOR ME” | @emmanueltarsus

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When we pray, do we realize the how heard we truly are? And when those prayers are answered, are we connecting with the reality of our relationship with our Creator established through our faith in Jesus? Emmanuel Tarsus wants the whole OC (and everywhere else for that matter) to know about the mountains that have been moved and removed out of his way in “PRAY FOR ME”.

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Emmanuel Tarsus is an independent hip hop artist, poet and evangelist from Santa Ana, California. He travels throughout California bringing his message to churches, juvenile detention centers and any place in between!
His passion for the gospel comes through in every performance, and inspires youth and adults alike. He has released 2 mixed tapes since 2011 and is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album “Behind the Music.”
With a clear call from God, he is on a journey to create and release music that shares the good news.


Twitter: @emmanueltarsus
Facebook: emmanueltarsus
Instagram: emmanueltarsus
Soundcloud: emmanueltarsus

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