Best Tips To Follow To Avoid Losing Socks

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It is a funny and at the same time a weird thing that the socks get lost from time to time. You may just put your socks into a washing machine and they disappear somehow. As a result, you walk around wearing mismatched socks. Of course, we are not able to help you out with already lost socks, but we know that the best place to find the new socks for sale is Jiji and the best guide for you to not lose them again is right here for your consideration.

Keep Your Socks Together


If you don’t want your socks to be eaten by a washing machine in some mystical way, keep the pairs together. The best way to ensure they stay together is to pin them together. For this, you can use binder clips and safety pins. In case you don’t have any, just roll the sleeve of one sock over the other – the advantage of this method is that it requires no additional materials to use and takes less time.

Separate Or Categorize


If you’ve got really a lot of clothing, in particular socks in your wardrobe, then it would be useful to gather all your socks and wash them in the laundry separately from your other clothes.

Keep Track


If it is possible to count the pairs of socks you have for washing, then do so. Then count them again right after the washing.

Kid’s Socks


It is very important to keep tracking kids’ socks and teach them to do the same when they grow up. It is a usual thing that sometimes you find one sock under the bed, sometimes under the bookcase, and sometimes in completely strange places. Tell your kids to pair their socks every time they take them off and put in the laundry basket – and make it a habit for your whole family.

Know Where You Should Look


Sometimes the socks don’t get lost in a washing machine, they just get stuck to one or another part of it. It could be a centrifugal force holding them for several minutes or they could be simply stuck to sheets or towels in the dryer. Also, check all around the inside of the drum to make sure your socks are not there.

Track Orphaned Socks And Keep Them In One Place


No matter how hard you try to follow the rules above, sometimes you will lose a few socks. Find a special box for the found single socks and put it in your wardrobe. Every time you find one solo, place it into your special box. And with the next laundry cycle it will surely find its brother or sister.

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