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One of Nigeria’s most promising gospel music artiste Kelvin Onwuka has released a new single titled ”Chioma”. Chioma is a song that talks about God loving kindness.

”I wrote this song because of God’s love upon my life and His goodness and mercy”. – Kelvin



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Solo 1:
Every moment I sing to you
Is to express what I feel inside
For you have been so good to me
Your incredible love has turned my life around
Age to age, your love remain
You never let my enemies rejoice over me
Anytime I call your name
You are there to see me through

Chioma mo (x2)
Oh what a love you have shown to me
Oh what a father you have been to me
Chioma mo (x2)

Solo 2:
In you I live and have my been
What a privilege to worship you
Eze mo that’s who you are
I have search around I couldn’t find nobody
Oh what a love
Oh what a grace
Oh what a mercy
Oh what a kindness
That you have shown to me …


Chioma mo


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