DJTbx – The PLUG Mixtape

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke of blessed memory once said just as a television is boring when you don’t plug it into a source of electricity so is Christianity when you don’t plug in to the source: JESUS.

And we all know that God is everywhere but he doesn’t speak nor manifest himself everywhere, In view of this Unik Empire Media House ambassador DJTbx has curated a soothing, calm and refreshing mixtape that will create an ambient environment that will allow you to PLUG into your father’s court.

The name PLUG is also an acronym for Play Live Undiluted Gospel and that is what Unik Empire and DJTbx has been dishing out to y’all and have no intentions of stopping any soon.

The mixtape features both known, independent, signed and up and coming arts from all across Nigeria.
Ready to be PLUGGED download, share and be blessed.



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