Tru South Describes Tragic State Of The World in “People In Prison”

A bold revelation of the world's present condition

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tru south people in prison

In his just released video, Christian Rapper Tru South powerfully talks about the world being held captive in the state of prison. The apt title of the release “People In Prison” firstly gives you an idea that there are people in prison but in this compelling project, Tru reveals that the people of the world has actually being kept in prison in their own homes in the state of Social Distancing.

But its not just rap, the artist has brought forth a short story that in a few minutes aims reveal the scope of whats really happening, touching on points such as social distancing, vacines, riots, control and fabrication of news by the media, the virus, politics and a whole lot of other crucial topics.

“The events of 2020 basically shows for many years, the world has been preparing for something many don’t know about. Aptly titled, People in Prison; this song expresses the unreal realities we are faced with in our world today.” – Tru South

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