Jamie Grace loses followers after sharing her experiences with Racism

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Jamie Grace losses followers
Jamie Grace | jamiegrace.com

Widely acclaimed and “Beautiful Day” singer Jamie Grace looses followers on social media after sharing about her experiences with racism.

“I lost about 3,000 twitter followers after sharing my personal stories as a victim of racism and articles about things like white privilege and how to be anti-racist.” twitted Grace to her followers.

Jamie Grace has had tremendous success in the Christian Contemporary Music over the years and known for her amazing songs. The YouTube star says she is truly grateful still for those who are still around following her and that even though she lost followers, on the other end, she has gained some other new trusted following.

Most recently, she shared her experiences of racism in the church.

“If I had known Jamie Grace was black, I definitely would not have brought her here…” she wrote on social media, revealing that a “white pastor” said this to someone on her team while they were setting up Grace’s photo banner in the lobby of the church.


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