Ritasoul [Mama Elo] Shares Story Of Child’s Miraculous Return In Video “As We Pray”

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The story has been told and shared over and over again of the miraculous return of Elo, the young child who was taken from her parents on Sunday, July 8, 2018 in a Church service and the people of the nation Nigeria and beyond came to pray and united to get the child found and back home to her parents. Elo was found miraculously that same year at an Orphanage in Benin and got back home safe and sound.

The mother Ritasoul is a gifted singer and gospel artist, expressed her testimony in her song “As We Pray” which was a testament of the power of prayer. Interestingly the song was written before the incident but was released during those praying times in faith of the miraculous return of Elo. And it was a miracle.

The video for “As We Pray” which is coming out 2 years later is a touching short re-creation of the story and testimony of God’s greatness and the power of prayer in the all-powerful name of Jesus. The visuals in the video are compelling and inspiring and will bless your heart.

Watch video below


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