Loveworld Singers – My Alabaster Box (By Maya) | mp3, lyrics

My Alabaster Box” is a song by the Loveworld Singers led by amazing singer and active member of the group Maya.

Loveworld Singers are group of worshipers from Christ Embassy Church raised by Pastor Chris to minister in worship in the sanctuary as he fulfills his assignment to bring back true worship to the Church. This song was performed live before a live audience with a choir and backed up by a full love orchestra, live drums, bass, guitars, the keyboards and more.

“Unending Reign” is one of the songs sang during the May 2022 edition of Praise Night and Communion Service with Pastor Chris and the Loveworld Singers.



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With tears in her eyes
And gratitude in her heart
She carried her choicest perfume
In an alabaster box
She fell at Jesus’ feet
And poured it on His feet
Sobbing with gratitude
With her hair she wiped His feet


I am here to say thank You
For loving someone like me
I am here to say thank You
With my alabaster box
As my offering to You


Just like that woman
Am here to thank You Lord
With my hands lifted up
For all You’ve done for me
And with a grateful heart
My praise offering I bring
I stand before Your presence
Oh Lord, I worship You



With my lips filled with praise
Just want to say thank You
With a grateful heart
Just want to say thank You
You filled my life with Your glory
And gave me victories
For all You’ve done for me
I just want to say…


Thank You
Thank You

For all You’ve done for me
I just want to say thank You

With my alabaster box
As an offering to You

Pastor Chris holds regular Praise Night services where the church and the body of Christ are led in worship by the Loveworld Singers with new songs and recently introduced worship songs, these services reach millions and more people worldwide who tune in to worship with Him. In the year 2022 his mission is to reach 7 billion people for Christ.



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