Loveworld Singers – Unending Reign (By Eli-J) | Lyrics

Unending Reign” is a song by the Loveworld Singers led by gifted singer Eli-J who is a member of the group. Loveworld Singers are group of worshipers from Christ Embassy Church raised by Pastor Chris to minister in worship in the sanctuary as he fulfills his assignment to bring back true worship to the Church. Pastor Chris holds regular Praise Night services where the church and the body of Christ are led in worship by the Loveworld Singers with new songs and recently introduced worship songs, these services reach millions and more people worldwide who tune in to worship with Him. This year his mission is to reach 7 billion people for Christ.

“Unending Reign” is one of the songs sang during the June edition of Praise Night Services with Pastor Chris and the Loveworld Singers.




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LYRICS : Loveworld Singers – Unending Reign


You are the One
Who’s given me a song to sing
To show forth Your praise
You gave me a voice
You are the One
Who’s given me the liberty
The liberty to worship You
with this song


Is Your reign my King
Lord God You reign forever
And You reign supreme


You are great, You are kind
You are good




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