7 Relationship Tips Every Christian Should Know While Dating

7 Relationship Tips Every Christian Should Know While Dating
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Here are 7 vital tips for Christians to note while in a dating relationship or before starting one.

1. A man who is ready for a woman will be willing to commit exclusively to her the moment he is sure about her. Might take 10 seconds, 10 months or 10 years, if she is willing to wait. If he’s unwilling to commit, then he’s not sure or he’s not ready (or both). Anything else he says is just story.

2. Being too “nice” is really basic and even nice people will take advantage. Jesus might as well have been talking about relationships in Matt 10:16 “Behold I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; be wary and wise as serpents, qnd be harmless as doves”.

3. Looks and character as important in attracting the right person – but not as important as God’s favour and God’s timing.

4. A man’s first passion will either be to God or his work, or hopefully both: hardly ever a woman – even if he’s in love with her. Accept this and know peace.

5. The best relationships are when the man focuses on his queen in his woman and the woman focuses the king in her man.

6. A king likes a woman who can be strong an independent outside but melts in his presence. She will melt only because he makes her feel safe and secure with him. It’s not every time, strong and independent¬† woman because it is tiring.

7. Affection is not free. No commitment, no affection. Maximum commitment, maximum affection. When they have seen all of each other, the breakup will be worse torture. Guarded affections, guarded hearts.

Tell us what you think about these, and if you want to add to it, feel free to comment below.


WRITER: Mayo Matesun

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