NEWS: CNN Premiers New Series “FINDING JESUS: Faith, Fact, Forgery”

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Does Jesus Need To be Found?
From just movies and now to series, its no news that Hollywood has turned its spotlight on the Bible in the last year with films like “Son of God” and “Noah.” The latest addition is a new series that debuts on CNN Sunday, March 1.

The series is called “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.”

The six-part documentary series has been described as “CSI: Jerusalem.” And its creators boast they’ve used the latest technological advancements and the insights of renowned scientists and scholars to explore the history of key artifacts associated with Jesus’ time on Earth.

Dr. Mark Goodacre is the lead consultant on the documentary series and a professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Duke University. Dr. Goodacre discusses his work on the project with CBN News. Click play to watch.

For more information about the episodes and more visit CNN website

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