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“Just As I Am” is a song that acknowledges who the Creator is with a well coordinated lyrics that talks about the reason why the creation have to give God who is the Creator praises in all situation because he deserves all the glory and honor.




Artiste Bio:

“Nigerian Gospel singer “Ichy Sam” releases his first music video titled “Just As I Am”. Sam Ichy who is the Founder and CEO of God First Records is a true worshipper of God, a good vocalist, and a songwriter. His music ministry and well coordinated voice has blessed a whole lot of people who have testified to the glory of God through him. His is a vessel of God and is gifted with a voice which is used has a healing tool through which God expresses himself to the world.


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Below are some Mtn callertune code for Ichy Sam:
Monthly Weekly Title
0767174 1767174 Imela Ichy Sam
0767175 1767175 Just As I Am Ichy Sam

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Text code to 4100

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0580204 Fight your Fears ICHY SAM
0580226 Imela ICHY SAM
0580248 Just As I Am ICHY SAM

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Text ” Buy Code ” to 791

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Connect With Sam Ichy :

Twitter: @Ichy_Sam

Instagram : @Ichy_Sam

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