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Ty Bello

Ty Bello is inspiring a new phase of unscripted and uncensored worship with her weekly worship series, “Spontaneous Worship”.

Ty Bello is a celebrated photographer and popular gospel singer, who is known for her popular songs, one of which is “Greenland”, a song that’s like a decade ago, “Ekundayo”, “Yaweh (Feat Aale Adenuga) and recently for songs such as “The Future”, “Land Of Promise” , “Holy Ghost Air (Feat Nathaniel Bassey)”.

Spontaneous Worship is an unscripted, unedited, and raw expression of worship in songs to God. This series of soft worship without boundaries in a room was introduced by gospel music artist Ty Bello this year 2017 in April and 5 months later it has grown to gain lots of attention while giving birth or rather unveiling some amazing songs and singers.

Tagged Spontaneous Worship with TY Bello, you will find complete videos of the series shared on Ty’s YouTube channel. It has given birth to songs such as “Not Afraid”, “Faith”, “The Veil”, “Power’, “Follow”, “Kabiesi” and more.

Each series brings in something fresh, as the series features other inspiring singers, some of which have been Folabi Nuel, Tolu Ijogun and more with George on piano.

Sharing about the series earlier when it began, she said;

Worship is that space where i don’t have to hide anything that i feel about God to Him. Its my highest form of prayer where i can open up my heart and come in contact with the full essence of who He is. And my weakness and my vulnerabilities, and my fears and my hopes, my dreams and prayers, I can bring it all out before God and not be afraid, and I don’t have to censor it, and i’m doing it in song


As she continues in this inspiration, more songs and inspiration will be unveiled for there is no telling or fathoming of what God inspires in our hearts when we worship spontaneously.



Check out more videos from Spontaneous Worship from her YouTube.

Shares 32
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