Xclusive Gospel Next Rated Awards 2017: Vote For Your Favorites

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XclusiveGospel Next Rated Awards 2017

2017 will always be remembered as an amazing year, much so because it was lit with wonderful and amazing songs, videos, albums, and lots more. In this year, we also witnessed the rise of stars with lots of new entries into the industry and coming with fresh sounds and song hits. As the year comes to a close, we want to recognize and celebrate those fresh artists who started their careers this year and have done excellently well. We do it every year and we love doing it.

We welcome you to the 3rd Edition of our Next Rated Awards, where we award most promising artists based on our Fans Choice votes and picks.

  1. These artists and songs are selected from those featured on our music platform Xclusive Gospel and not elsewhere.
  2. The nominees were selected from songs released between November 2016 to November 2017.
  3. All nominated artists are already winners from a massive list of newly debuted artists this year.
  4. Voting begins on December 12th and ends on December 26th (12pm)
  5. Winners will be announced on December 26th (3pm)

So, officially we have done our part and selected our end-of-year favorites, and now the ball is in your court, we ask that you choose yours in the 2017 Next Rated (Fan Choice) Awards. Check out all of our nominees below.

Place your vote below. We’ll reveal the winning Next Rated artists right here on December 26.

Remember to also tweet us with who you voted for using the hashtag #XGNextRatedAwards

Next Rated Awards: (Polls CLOSED)










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  1. Ire
    • Ehis
    • Oluwaseun Daniel
  2. Ade
  3. Ikumi queen
    • michael
  4. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  5. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  6. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  7. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  8. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  9. Stanislaus
  10. CALEB Akinyemi
  11. Marv C
  12. Stanislaus
  13. Martial Zoe
  14. Ade
  15. Easy JEDIDIAH
  16. Chinenye
  17. Chinenye
  18. Michael Rich
    • Marv C
  19. Nisola
  20. Uduakobong Arua
  21. love markson
  22. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  23. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  24. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  25. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  26. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  27. Okechukwu S Chukwuka
  28. Omokha Emmanuel
  29. Helen Nzube. Igwe
  30. Sholesi Afolasade
  31. D'justified
  32. Ayam_apk
  33. Joshua
    • Ade
  34. Ifeoma
  35. Idowu
  36. Onyekachi Walter
  37. Ifeoma
  38. Ifeoma
  39. Portia
  40. Mary
  41. chinwe
  42. Ade
  43. Sorbari buradum
  44. Tobe Nobert
  45. Marv C
  46. Meshach
  47. Osaro Nosa
  49. Ebi
    • James
  50. yetunique
  51. James
    • Ebi
  52. James
  53. Uche A Ofili
  54. Gbemisola
  55. Kessington
  56. Kessington
  57. Adura
  58. Apostoz
  59. Cliff
  60. Henry
  61. West1970_uche@yahoo.com
  62. Sunny
  63. Fortune Ozy
  64. chinedu
  65. UniqueUwem
  66. Chika
  67. Onyekachi Walter
  68. Jolomi Arugha
  69. Ogwuma Matthew
  70. Emmanuel Adeniyi
  71. Charles Onumaegbu
  72. Nnenna Okere Ekekwe
  73. victor rich
  74. ebi
  75. Sunny
  76. Mega Travels
  77. Alan
  78. Zavi
  79. Mega Travels
  80. Alan
  81. Allurebong
  82. Comfort
  83. Ade
  84. Queeneth
  85. Stanislaus
  86. Stanislaus

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