LIVING DE LIFE: His Presence By Osayi Juliet (@osayi4christ)


I feel he is here
I am strongly convinced he is in here
In my heart, around me, in this place
Closer than my thoughts
Nearer than you are to him, closer than a second chance, or next opportunity
Nearer than yesterday, closer to the future.

He is truth.
Very much more than skin touch, feel listen and sense or even taste
More than life itself, he is out truth! He is our reality
As truth and as real as joy, pain, sorrow even more than the love of being in love
His presence
Is like space wind time silence and night
He is listening, and waiting
Like words to all who have ears to hear,
Like his creations
More like a song that hasn’t been sung

He is beauty, a blue orange, every shade, sunsets and sunrise whispers his name and life
He is holy and truth cannot be touched, like sweet seconds of prayers, like grandmother on knees
The extending of limbs, stretched across trees;
Stripes to heal disease
He alone is son, divided in three
The one, the only wise one and the only most ever in all my life resurrected to life
He alone is king on ancient of days. No earthly throne can house him as no amount of words can espouse him

He is a moment in voice and power in choice in words and deed in fruit and seed
Nailed hands, nailed feet, in innocent wounds, that bleed.
He is call and purpose, believe and all
In everything we can sacrifice he is worth it even much more…
He is behalf and wow, him alone is who what when why and how


He is the one who puts on the show, he is the one we came to see and watch, and he is the reason
He is soul cry and sinner plea
He is an epitome no one can light a candle to he is above and he is a fathers love

He has no fear
Have no fear
Have no fear! His presence is here…



WRITTEN BY: Osayi J Ebolo is a young Nigerian Girl, born and brought up in Nigeria. She later relocated to the United States of America, currently a student. She is an inspirational writer & speaker, show presenter, and an ex-beauty queen for ROR 2014 North America Christ Embassy.
TWITTER: @osayi4christ, INSTAGRAM: @miss_rousa2015


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  1. Lovely piece but is it not da poem (spoken word poem) which was originally done by an American spoken word poet (Amena Brown)? Cause each and every word seems to have exacted from her poem…just a loud thought question…

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