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  1. Korede Bello Signs Glo Ambassadorship Deal.#Godwin (the song).
  2. #GODWIN has come to stay. It’s being played everywhere, in the clubs, in parties, weddings, in churches, even in presidential gatherings. You love the song and can’t stop playing it and you know it. So deal with it.

It’s been a long time we had such a buzz hit the gospel music industry about a secular artists turn gospel and to top it all Korede Bello has performed his hit song #GODWIN in church twice now and the gospel industry in Nigeria has had a field day reporting all over social media and the news. LOL. While all the critics actually made the artists more popular by their public reactions and statements, he got a signed ambassadorship deal few days ago to GLO. But, there is a lesson or two to learn from this.

If you took the time to go listen to Korede’s first single and followed up on this new talent, you will come to realize that Korede Bello’s hit song #GODWIN is his defining track, his moment of explosion and he did it with a gospel track, it hurts right and I love that fact. It’s not the first time an artist’s came from Secular mainstream music to steal away a gospel price. It won’t be the last in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

The fact is this, gospel music and music in general is progressive and it’s a niche that is strong all over the world, especially in Nigeria. Everyone loves gospel music, everyone loves to thank and appreciate God. Korede Bello only tapped into that strong gospel music presence in the entertainment industry and hit it really good and big. Is he going to cook up another gospel song, honestly I don’t know, but he has blessed so many with #GODWIN and that’s the fact.

The Future is now

2014 and 2015 has actually seen a massive rise in the growth of gospel music in Nigeria, and as a promoter I have heard songs from fresh artists that will topple the gospel music industry and change the game, but these guys aren’t heard and that’s where we have got work to do. It was with a passion to encourage fresh new upcoming artists that the NEXT RATED AWARDS was initiated in May 2015. (Find details here). We hope to make it big to encourage the artists who are the future of gospel music. That’s what we all ought to do.

Gospel music industry stakeholders need to wake up and recognize the fresh artists and not play mediocre anymore giving awards that have no bearings. The old gospel artists (legends) need to stop trying to fit in to an industry that has far outpaced them and raise the fresh stars by setting up record companies, recognizing and sponsoring these young acts.

The future of Gospel music isn’t coming, it has begun already. Will we be at the forefront or will we blame secular artists for making stealing our stage.



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