Top 10 Nigerian Female Gospel Artists 2015


The gospel music industry in Nigeria has grown tremendously in recent years, from an industry struggling to gain mainstream recognition to one filled with promise. This thriving industry of faith based music still has its challenging times and hurdles but today it is no longer a dormant community but promising career path. The new found growth in the industry stems from the recent rise in media houses, tv and radio stations, and a large influence by the internet and technology. A huge part of this internet and technology influence can be credited to the rise of music and entertainment blogs, internet radio stations, applications and tv all around the country.

The year 2015 has seen a lot of artists both male and female spring up and also seen success of established artists. Female artists make up an estimated 45% of established and leading gospel artists in Nigeria. Here is a selection of some of the female gospel artists who have made high marks and success this year on the news, media and online. Starting from number 10, we make a countdown of the Top 10 Nigerian Female Gospel Artists 2015. Even though there are no official markers to know who the best of the best is when it comes to gospel artists in Nigeria, the names on this list have made tremendous progress and visible impact. Here we go;



Onos has truly had a very successful music year. She has shared the stage with Gospel Giants like Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Don Moen, Ron Kenoly and a few others at major music platforms one of which is The Experience. The gifted vocalist and songwriter released her sophomore album NO LIMITS last year and this year has released singles which have topped the gospel charts. She has been nominated for  several awards to mention but a few the City people Awards 2013 and 2014, Nigeria Entertainment Awards(NEA) 2013, African Gospel Music Awards under the Best female artist category 2013 and Artist of the year West Africa category 2014 amongst several nominations and she won the BEST FEMALE VOCALIST at the Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2012 and Crystal Awards 2013. She also has been nominated for 2015 Crystal Awards.

Featuring in some song hit collaborations this year, awarded a Wise Women Award, releasing an animated video for her hit single “Alagbara” and more, Onos has been on the news all year, making her one of the most successful artist this year.

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She is known as a woman of worship, Her songs have cut across states, nations, borders and internationally has spread beyond. Sinach’s songs are household and worship favorites.

Also signed to LoveWorld Records and a key member of the music team at Christ Embassy, Sinach has become a household name in Nigeria. She has over 200 songs to her credit, including  ‘Awesome God’, ‘Simply Devoted’, ‘I am Ready for Your Spirit’, ‘Shout of the King’, ‘All Things are possible’, ‘Born to Win’, ‘Fire in Me’, ‘More of You’, ‘No Failure with God’, ‘This is Your Season’ and more recently “I Know Who I Am”, “Glory To Your Name”, etc . Releasing a new album and thereafter a new Live-video “Nothing is Impossible”, Sinach has had a great year working on her music and ministering at events. She is a singer known to inspires the worshipper in you.



Award winning gospel singer and performer Nikki Laoye is without doubt an influence in the gospel music industry. The energetic performer is known for her chart topping hit singles and videos.

Laoye’s music has gained critical acclaim beyond Africa, as she was one of the first three Nigerian artists ever to be interviewed and recognized on American entertainment channel, BET in 2009 and she was one of the preliminary judges for BET’s Sunday Best Auditions which held in Lagos, Nigeria in December 2009. In 2011, Laoye’s life and career were showcased in a special feature segment on BET, tagged “BET Spotlight – Nikki Laoye”. But that was just the start of Nikki’s music career.

Nikki is a gifter artist, radio host, and humanitarian. Having dedicated part of her career and resources to humanitarian services at her foundation Angel 4 Life, Nikki Laoye has taken an extra step to impact her community. This year she also worked in music with Sammi Okposso, Florocka, XBlaze, etc.



Gospel Rock Singer ADA has always been on the top of the charts. One of the long lasting female alternative-rock artists in Nigeria, her style of music is unique and tight. Ada made huge impact in the crossing into main-stream through her single BOBO ME.
Ada has dropped several singles this year and recently a new video “Only You” which has made the rock singer one of the strongest gospel females of the industry.

Ada was signed the Brand Ambassador / Face Of Brand for ACTV this year and is in preparations for a new album.






Emerging from the gospel group Midnight Crew that has huge success with their hit “Igwe” years back, Pat Uwaje King went forth to carve her unique music path and has found huge success at it. Pat has since released 3 singles, which includes “EZE”, HE’S DONE ME WELL” and “ALL POWER”.

She also released videos for Eze and He’s Done Me Well. Shortly after the release of the 3rd single, “All Power”, Pat Uwaje-King announced the release of her debut solo album which was subsequently released on the 3rd of June, 2015 gaining a huge nationwide acceptance.





Tagged “The queen of gospel rap” some years back, Bouqui is known as one of the foremost rap pioneer for gospel music and still is. She has worked with international artists such Da’Truth and more. Her latest “Unstoppable ” single shot up the charts in the month of June.

The multi-award winning artiste kicked off the USA tour on the 22nd o July 2013 and toured 21 states. Bouqui now lives in the US but still very active in the Nigerian gospel music industry.





One of the new names that have risen up to greater heights this year is Joan Paul. Gifted female artist Joan Paul who resides in Benin is popular for her music tour tagged ANATOMY OF A WORSHIPPER which was hosted in major states in Nigeria. She has recieved several award nominations and accolades for her music. Her songs such as “Jiro” and “Awesome” have had great success in the industry.

She has emerged to become an established gospel artist in Nigeria and credited for some song hits Joan Paul not relenting in her passion and music.





Ayo Vincent has a voice that is captivating. With a steady rising career, Ayo has been a notable artist in the gospel music industry and have received great accolades and recognition for her music.

Having worked with producers like Don Jazzy in songs such as “Serve The Lord” and “Its My Time (Orobo Portion)” and shared the stage with some major acts local and internationally.

Her new single “halleluhah” feat Onos , is a song hit. See More of Ayo Vincent.



Yetunde Joyce is gradually becoming a name to reckon with in the industry in recent years and this year has been quite successful for the talented songstress.

The Ireland based Gospel singer is brand ambassador for Yapingo Voip Telecom, a Telecommunications company. Her latest single “Unchangeablefeatures Award winning music producer Wole Oni.






Ebiere is one of Nigeria’s gifted voices that have been around for a long time. With popular hits such as “yekileme”, “Omi Olota”, “tamara Mbana”, etc, Ebiere is named among those who inspired the emergence of the present gospel music industry.

This year she drops singles “Today Is Your day”, “Holy Spirit” and more from her new album HOLY SPIRIT which has just been released. Ebiere’s music is sensational.

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  1. Sinach is their mother! She is what Cece Winans was 15 years ago! If not more self! She sings for pastor chris and now Benny Hinn Haba! Choi! Kai! None top her! But mehn! Onos is another artist I love and cherish! Let them all keep doing what God has called them to do! God bless you all!

  2. Some names are missing here. Glowreeyah Braimah with the hit song Miracle Worker Nathaniel Bassey. Bukola Bekes, Chioma Jesus, and more. Abu Dey no follow?

  3. Wow, Onos has done a lot this year, congrats. Though there are other name I didnt see on the the list but like the article says there are no markers to define actually. But Chioma Jesus hasn’t been active this year, so I dont know why she should be there. Congrats Onos, Ada and Nikki Laoye, I love this list itss fairly acceptable.

  4. Lol and who is Ogecha and TY Bello, they did nothing notable this year so Femi you should open ur eyes. Its 2015 stop living in the past. Glowreeyah did well so she can be on d list but the rest did nada. CONGRATS to Yetunde Joyce , she worked hard

  5. Glowreeyah’s wrk was last year nah. Ifu place loria here den Ogecha shld b placed and many others. anyway the list is not complete

  6. I would like to know who sings this song i only know the lyrics, the song goes like this, when i rembember what the lord has done i will nwver give anymore, el shaddai el shaddai…………. and i dont the rest of the song, all i know is that its a woman that sings this song, i really like this song i hope i would help, thank you in advance

  7. Please sinach is the best female singer in Nigeria, one of the most anointed in the world, she is not their mate, who is onos were Sinach is,dat an insult.

  8. mama Sinach,I Susan Anowa love you so much,your songs have blessed me greatly and every other lovely sister thank you ,keep doing your good work and God bless you.

  9. Does anyone know the female artiste who sang this song: “I will carry the sound, the sound of victory…. Jesus is the sound given to me……… ”

    I’ve been looking for the track/album. no luck so far.

  10. Where is glowriah chioma and p Shantel the one who featured preye Odede.i can see some funny names that have heard even the funniest part if there voices.those two ladies glowrrieh and p Shantel just know there real and they deserve to be here.

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