ARTICLE: Christian Dating – What Does It Mean?


No matter who we are, at one point in our lives, we are all faced with that moment when we are more interested in getting closer to another person than anything else! That moment when we feel like our whole lives revolves around that person responding positively to our need for their attention. And this happens in all walks of life! At school, work, church, on the street, in all kinds of public places… there is some kind of virus that attacks people, leaving no one immune, from the youngest to the oldest.

Suddenly, people turn into hunters and will not stop until they get their prey. But once they get them… what’s next? In the world today, this would just lead to a series of “dates”, some better than others, and this will determine if the person’s first instinct was right and the “prey” has the potential to become a lifetime “meal”. If not, they would carefully put them back in the field and proceed to hunt for something better. And such is my view of the secular dating world… but what about DATING in the Christian world? Is it the same? Should it be different?

Sadly I have learned from my little experience that dating in the Christian world can be so much worse! People’s expectations are so high and so different that in the end they can be so unreasonable. And few people show their true colors as they are aware of what is expected of them a Christians. A girl was expected to be the Proverbs 31 woman whilst the man needed to have the wealth of King Solomon, the strength of Samson and the heart of David… among other things! Are these expectations reasonable?

And today, we have even more people to look up to that we try to be like just so someone will like us! You could have the faith of your pastor, and the voice the worship leader, but it’s nothing without the fair and flawless skin of whatever model is on TV or the six packs of an NBA Player… and the list goes on! Christian dating has become as shallow as the non believers dating, if not more.

Gone are the days when the heart of a woman, and the wisdom and ambition of a man would be enough to start building something… we reject people because of one flaw, forgetting that God is the one who makes the person perfect. We focus on what people will say or think, and we break people’s heart just to “save face”. Is that the Christian thing to do?

We will be talking more of the Christian dating for a while so get ready for an interesting ride, as we find out more together on the issue… especially IF DATING IS RIGHT AS CHRISTIANS!






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