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CANADA – Follow You is a blend between traditional sounds with soothing RnB chords and progressions. Keeping Christ at the centre of it all, Follow You aspires to lead individuals to Christ irrespective of where they are in life. So long as we follow the light, we will get to the end of the tunnel.

Reuel Kofi Dartey is Canadian gospel artist of Ghanaian origin, a Pastor and music player. He features Campus Rush Music on this inspiring Inspirational, Gospel, Afrobeats, Jazz, Instrumental song from the album Heritage.




Lyrics- Follow You


Though the Darkness may surround me

Though the night may confront me

I’ll be still and know you are my God


Though the battle may be raging

Though the FigTree may not blossom

I’ll be still and know you are my God



Some may say we’ve lost our way

But I walk by faith and not by sight

Some may say it’s not okay

But I walk by faith and not by sight



Hear my heart cry out

As I walk with you

As you lead me on

I will follow you



Let’s go to the left

Let’s go to the right

I will walk by faith

I will walk to the light


Sound Cloud: Campus Rush Music
Youtube: Campus Rush Music
Twitter: @ReuelOmari
Facebook: Reuel Kofi Dartey
Instagram: Kofi_Dartey

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