Top 10 Songs For The Month Of October 2016


Quite into the month of November, we bring you the top 10 music-count for the last month of October.

The list has Nigerian artist Israel Strong, snatching the number one spot with his captivating single “Born Victorious”. New entrant, Mayo took everyone by surprise with her single “Peace” climbing up the trend. Midnight Crew stirs up heat with their comeback single song “Shout Hallelujah” and Frank Edwards always knows how to captivate with worship songs in “Celestial ft Victor Ike”.

Don’t forget South African artist, Peter Tobe brought up more praise with his single “Our God” and that was just excellent. “I Always Win” by Sophiya holds a special place on this chart while “You Have Done Me Well (ft Ejura & St.Adlex)” was most definitely a spectacular hit from Obi Shine in October.

Fresh new young entrants include two powerful singer to watch out for this year and the next, Vique held our attention with “God Alone” and younger, 4EverSings brought us a superb irresistible tune in “Heaven on My Mind ft DLS”. Lastly BNG’s, X Praise is rounds up the chart with cool music to get you dancing.

Peeps the countdown list below!

1: Israel Strong – Born Victorious

2: Mayo – Peace

3: Midnight Crew – Shout Hallelujah

4: Frank Edwards Celestial ft. Victor Ike

5: Peter Tobe – Our God

6: Sophiya – I Always Win

7: Obi Shine – You Have Done Me Well (ft Ejura & St.Adlex)

8: Vique – God Alone

9: 4Ever Sings – Heaven on my Mind ft. DLS

10: BNG – X Praise

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