My Virtual Coffee With Da’Music

The coffee shop was packed, like you’d expect during morning hours. I was there amid the whispering, contemplating if it was really happening. Am I having coffee with him? Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, it was covered with an ambience of glory, I knew someone of my kindjust walked in. I looked up and saw that everyone was facing the direction of the entrance.

I thought to myself, does He know He has made the coffee shop go on a mannequin challenge unawares?  The waitress got to his attention and walked him towards where i was seated. He walked as royalty, it’s as though he left shine everywhere he stepped and radiated sparkles of grace wherever he walked. No wonder the eyes of the people escorted him.

Hello everyone, my name is Pela, and the paragraph above was just an imagination. But yes, I did have coffee with Da Music, but it was a virtual typa thing. We were together, but in different places, drinking coffee which wasn’t real. Da Music is a phenomenal person, a bundle of joy to be around, the type of person that won’t leave you the same after conversing. You’ll be inspired for greatness and charged up for the supernatural. In 5 words, He is “Too Fabulous To be Ordinary.” Having this virtual coffee with him was a priceless privilege for me, one I’ll cherish forever. Below are the 10 things we spoke about, Enjoy:

FFWP: Welcome to Fabulous Fridays with Pela, Da Music. First things first, my beautiful readers would like to know your real name?

Da Music: Thank you Pela. Wow, My names are DENNIS OBINNA NWOYE

FFWP: You have quite an amazing story, one of an undeniable journey of success… Tell us about the first time you auditioned with the type of genre you do, Afro Beat?

Da Music: Very interesting;  The truth is that when I showed up on the scene, with the Afro genre; it was not generally accepted; but I was not discouraged; because I know it is of the spirit of God.

FFWP:  From being unaccepted to being called *THE REAL DEAL* by the President of  Believers LoveWorld, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, no doubt your story is a story of purpose! 3 things you’ve learnt on this journey, that may encourage a reader who has  dared to go against the ordinary?

Da Music: Wow…I always love to talk about this.. I sincerely and at all times thank my father, Teacher and life coach; Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome for giving us the platform to express the deposits of the spirit and be a blessing to many around the world.

1.FOCUS: I remained focused; irrespective of the whips and the challenging times.And this has to do with a lot of discipline; because, no Excuse is good enough for non performance.

2.VALUE: I know of a saying that says”work on being and not on having; for out of who you’re; you become” I took some time to develop on my skills and add value to my genre.I Began to master my craft so I become the best in it. The world seeks for that person whose got value and have something to offer.


This has always been where I draw my strength and inspiration from.what I communicate in my songs is the word and thoughts of I pray more in tongues and meditate on God’s word, so I can be in sync with him.

And you know. ..if the presence of the holy ghost is not in a thing…its ordinary. So The presence of the holy ghost makes my music beautiful.


FFWP:  (Ow sorry, I was busy taking notes) Last year, you recieved an award during the  LIMA AWARDS 2016. Congratulations!!! Tell us about that priceless and golden moment, from when you heard your name:

Da Music: Glory to God…when I heard my name:I was amazed; like seriously; but I am honoured and grateful to God for this priceless recognition of the spirit.  So looking forward to beautiful moments ahead.

FFWP: You recently released a single titled Breaking News.(Beautiful song, btw) The inspiration of the song most obviously must obviously must be from the BLW message of the year, but what inspired the concept behind the song? BREAKING NEWS? Just how? And why BREAKING NEWS?

Da Music: Wow. You’re very correct. The song BREAKING NEWS is  inspired by the New year’s message. You know,  in the world today; There are so many news making the headlines. ..but there is a Breaking News from Heaven…God has spoken. So I decided to publish what God said to the world. ..This is the best News anyone could get…

FFWP:  Which one artist would you love to collaborate with on a song? 

Da Music: I will love to keep that for now…till you see the collaborations. .thanks.

FFWP: So, if Da Music isn’t the studio recording where else are you?

Da Music: Da music outside the studio, is somewhere working for the lord.

FFWP: If you were to have a song playing on the background everytime you entered a place, which song would that be?

Da Music: Follow Follow by Da Music

FFWP: Which 5 songs are you currently listening to?

Da Music:

  1. I sabi who I be by Da Music
  2. Breaking News by Da Music
  3. Follow Follow by Da Music
  1. Through your Eyes by Eli j
  2. Egwu by Da Supreme


FFWP: This was a virtual coffee interview, when you come to Southern Africa would you please go out for an actual coffee time with me?

Da Music: I will surely have coffee with you. Thanks once again.


Written By: Pela

Pela lives in Namibia and is a regular contributor and writer for XclusiveGospel.

Connect with Pela on Kingschat: @pela_

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