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You know THAT one part of a song which you love so much… THAT part that simultaneously communicates a million things to you? To others, it’s just another part of the song… but to you; it’s the song within the song. It’s like that one rhema word from God you need to hear in a sermon, but this time you’re hearing it in a song. Whilst listening to that part, you’re metamorphosed to another realm of perpetual possibilities, inflated with courage, causing you to be invincible and immune to impossibilities. It’s that one part that gives you butterflies in your tummy and makes your knees numb because everything about it is just beautiful. You know it, right…? Yay! You do! Well, I just wanted to know if you know that one part of a song as well.

Hello there, this week on the virtual coffee we went out with the beautiful and flourishing Rozey. Oh, isn’t she just amazing? She’s full of joy unspeakable, it’s like she wears love as a perfume. During that time, we got behind the scenes of how she got the iFlourish song, to finding out the secret behind her fabulous hairstyles. In addition to that, she gave us a few hints on how to surprise her with her favorite dish… just in case you’re to host her at your place one day. And finally, I’ll ask you to get your notepad because Rozey shared with us profound truths on fulfilling your calling… a testimony from her journey of life. Are you ready? Enjoooy 🙂


FFWP: Welcome to the virtual coffee, Rozey, what would you like to have your coffee with? On the menu, we have: toast, scones, muffins, dark chocolate cake and waffles.

Rozey: Normally I would say toast because I drink tea, but since its coffee, I’ll have Waffles.

FFWP: Getting right into it, let’s talk about the December 31st New Years’ Eve Evening Service with the president of Believers LoveWorld, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. The question in all our minds is: how did you get the theme song before the theme of the year was announced?

Rozey: *Laughs* … Shakabaya… it was by the Spirit. On the 7th of December during the meeting /celebration of our Man of God, Pastor Chris, he spoke on a vast array of areas including flourishing like a palm tree. While still there, the Spirit of GOD just said to me “write a song on flourishing and prepare it for the New Year’s Eve service”… I immediately turned to my producer who was sitting right next to me and told him what I wanted to do … he knew I had received something and so we got into the studio, spent a lot of time praying, read the passages Pastor had spoken on and got to work. The outcome and the fact that it was the theme of the year 2017 is just the Lord confirming to ME that it was HIS voice I heard.

FFWP: Khaaaya! Remarkable! Very Spirit-led, and you know iFlourish is a song that will not only be on repeat this year but in years to come as well. So, what more can we expect from Rozey during this year? Perhaps singles, an album, music videos…?

Rozey: Hmmm, like the song says… I’m gonna flourish on every side!!! So yes; singles, features, music videos, and YES; finally, the album. 2017 is my year of Flourishing!
FFWP: Amazing, we’re expectant and excited already. You were working at an oil company but left to became a full-time gospel music minister. How has the journey been like? There might be a reader who’s faced between deciding on following their dreams or fulfilling God’s plan for their life’s. And your journey could just be an inspiration.

Rozey:  When you know your “calling” it’s the 1st part of the journey. Deciding on whether to “follow” that calling is the 2nd part, having the grace and patience to stay in the course is the 3rd part, evaluating on your personal definition of success or achievement is the fourth.  For me it’s been an epic journey, full of challenges, but also of victories, of support, of strong and loyal people standing by me, encouraging me, praying for and with me, and of course: GOD’s Grace… amazing grace. So, to anyone at that point where you don’t know what to do, 1st of all: PRAY, open the word of GOD and then go through and answer the 4-step questions I just mentioned. GOD bless you.


FFWP: Wow! This is very profound, thank you very much Ma’am. Now, Cuthzone…. Cuthzone… Cuthzone… Tell us about Cuthzone?

Rozey:  Cuthzone is a state of the art Beauty Parlour & Hair Salon. Its main location is 1st floor —- Plaza, Airport Road, beside Union Bank.  It’s owner, M.D & head Beautician is my good friend, Mrs. Comfort Uthman. She’s an extremely talented hair stylist and makeup artist, when it comes to my hair & makeup we work well together cuz we’re both always willing to try new and different looks, colors & themes. I truly love & appreciate her… her family & her staff, dearly.

FFWP: Explains a lot, so that’s the secret behind the fabulous hairstyles? Now Rozey, suppose you were given the platform to minister to people from different parts the world through writing. What would you write to them in a short paragraph?

Rozey: I would write about L.O.V.E . Love is encompassing – for GOD so loved the world that he gave… for Jesus so loved us that he gave himself so that we may… We love our fellow-man that’s why we preach the gospel, telling ALL the “good news” … The world needs Love.

FFWP: Ow Wow! If you could write a song based on the story of your life what would its title be?

Rozey: Amazing Grace… not the John Newton version but a re-worded version to fit my story. A story of GOD’s love that has kept me going even when I wanted to quit… that love kept me standing and moving forward, higher & higher… till He has perfected me and my goals. Like Proverbs 4:18 & Philippians 1:6.

FFWP: Your top 5 favorite artists?

Rozey: Wow, I can’t pick 5, because there are soooo many wonderful, talented, blessed Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Spoken Word people, Comedians, Actors… etc. so how does one choose? It’s not even the genre but the passion that each person has for the gospel and the salvation of souls.

FFWP: Hahaha, I totally feel you. What’s your favorite Dish? Do you prefer it prepared by you or someone else?

Rozey: Starch and Banga Soup with fresh fish, prefer it made by someone else. *laughs*

FFWP: Okay… Now we know how to surprise you. Being a wife, mother, full time music minister and entrepreneur how do you balance your time, ensuring you’re diligent in all areas?

Rozey:  It’s by the Spirit… laughs, I am blessed with the best partner/best friend/ husband in the world <—(FFWP: Aaaaaaaaaaaw ♡_♡) And I have simply amazing people around me who all help and assist me in multiple areas so everything gets done that needs to be done on time.

FFWP: Thanks a lot for a fabulous coffee time we had. Finally, Namibia is home to an extremely beautiful desert, the Namib Desert, there are a lot fun activities to try out.

Which would you go for, sky diving or quad biking?
Rozey: Quad Biking… I love bikes.


Written By: Pela

Pela lives in Namibia and is a regular contributor and writer for XclusiveGospel.

Connect with Pela on Kingschat: @pela_

Instagram: @thevirtualcoffee

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