Lara George Still Strong – More Than A Decade After Kush

It has been a decade and a few years and Lara George is still standing tall and strong.

When we talk of Lara, we remember how it all began, from a group of singers who wanted to change their world. KUSH was a strong and very popular inspirational music group that was full of promise and after their breakup, members of the group went separate ways to different paths. Lara George and Ty Bello went out and continued making music as gospel inspirational artists and have been quite successful at that. Lara George has since released several albums and songs, became a household name and won several awards all through the years.

Ijoba Orun”, Lara George’s hit single from her album Forever In My Heart released in 2008, went on to become the most listened and sung gospel song in Nigeria, stamping Lara George as one of gospel music’s most rated artists that year and in the years after. Vanguard newspaper tagged her “The African Queen Of Gospel Music” in 2012.

In 2010, she won the Best Vocal Performance (Female) at the Headies Awards.

This was a major break and opportunity among others before that for Lara George who we remember in 2014 told us about how KUSH break up had a great effect on is group members, in a =n interview with REPORTER, from Independent.

The end of Kush was very traumatic for all of us because it was a difficult time for us. Kush happened at a time when the new Nigerian music industry was starting to emerge and at the same time, the new Nigerian millionaires were just emerging. Prior to Kush, we didn’t have many people who were willing to pay N1 million or N500, 000 for the shows that we did. In fact, our first show as Kush, we were paid N70, 000 and what got to three of us to share at the end of the day was 10, 000. It was not easy for us to carry on with all the fame without having the essence of it all. I think that was what led to members of Kush looking for alternative. After the group died, everybody just wanted to go their separate ways – musically.” – Lara George

Fast forward a decade and 4years after KUSH. This 2017 records Lara George to have become one of the most popular and widely listened Nigerian gospel music artist. It has been a successful music run for Lara and there’s only much more to expect from this iconic inspirational artist.

While we will always remember KUSH, we will always tell the story of Lara George and how she has played a major role in the growth and development of gospel music in Nigeria and Africa through her songs and how she has inspired and blessed a nation and a people.



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