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SMH (Shaking My Head) is a stinging commentary on the state of Christian HipHop in Nigeria today. DaBoomsha bares his mind on several controversial issues in this State-Of-The-Union address to the HipHop community.

With a gripping intro by deceased Rap legend, Tupac Amaru Shakur as well as vocals from other CHH artists; SMH is another lyrical masterpiece which is unapologetically confrontational and thought-provoking at the same time.

Arranged, Mixed And Mastered by T-Beiz (@TBeiz) for DakDak Studios (@dakdakstudios)




How can these people be talking about how they so real
they don’t care about our communities
How can they be talking about what they all listen,
and all the hood blah blah blah…
They don’t care about our communities, you know what I mean
Listen to the words that people say in their lyrics
And tell me if that’s real to you, you know what I mean
Listen to what they’re saying
Don’t just bob your head to the beat,…

This I show I feel
Right or wrong, just what I was feeling at the time
You know I had to say something, so let’s get it
I’ve been contemplating on certain topics of conversation
sourcing information and getting some confirmation.
I’m done with the consultation. Time for the consummation.
Gotta address these issues and get in to the confrontation
Christian Hiphop no doubt I represent.
Holy spirit living inside as the evidence
HipHop, Missionary, 05 elements
Ready for the war but the church ain’t ready yet
Same old faces on the posters of church events
Same old gospel artiste. Mehn! ain’t nothing changed.
I made a vow never to attend the experience
until i see a christian rapper up in the stadium.
That’s why the youth would rather be at the discotheque.
Pastors are out of touch so there’s a disconnect.
This culture we stand for; this ministry we rap for;
is not accepted or celebrated on their platforms. Damn!
My guy I don tire for the way our people dey even see Gospel Rap Sef!
Church find it hard to accept us because we don’t sound like praise and worship music.
Christian hip hop is worldly, satanic.
I hear some rapper bragging about the money they cashing
There must be something fundamentally wrong with the black man.
You’re not as rich as Dangote. What you getting hyped about?
You’re not driving a Lamborghini. Ogbeni Shut your mouth.
*Dude Shut your mouth.

The Sultan of Brunei has 22 in his parking lot.
you never even buy one
but you’re the one that talk a lot.
Some christian personalities in the media
so quick at dissing us but wont be assisting us
Famzing with the industry but criticize the ministry
Don’t smile in my face and lie t o me
you feeling me
cos when you hit the station you still own’t play me though
stick to the “Daddy Yo” songs on radio
how about the christian bloggers who claim they love us
but when the songs drop they pretend and ignore us
you keep reaching out they never reply your email
but CHH is all of us. If we fail, then you fail
If you ask me I think the youth are sleeping. They need to wake up.
Mehn! Challenges wey gospel hip hop rappers dey face for naija too plenty oh.
But most times those who do christian hip hop; they are not connected to God.
We try as much as possible to divide ourselves rather than unite and come together
they are easily attracted by the fame
why don’t we work together? We are not meant to run this race alone.
It’s time to address the house. Get it off my chest and mouth.
Quiet for a long time. Now is time to let it out.
This is for my brothers and sisters in the community
CHH commune but what’s a commune without the unity
We’re suppose to be FAM. Same team same signature
Same body, arm, leg, head, same ligature.
what’s with the competition jealousy and self promotion
Ego with a braggadocio. Ooh that’s a heady potion,
All humans about who’s rap is the most anointed
fighting for the church endorsement it’s time we reject the poison.
God wants an army why you raising an idol
I started “BoomSha Creative” made clients out of my rivals.
What’s you plan for the the movement, cant you see that we are losing.
Gotta make some improvements to get the ministry moving
A lot of things is used to care about no longer move me though.
There’s more to the music than lacing tracks in the studio.
All the rappers who came before me, never took a bullet for me
Had to learn from my mistake. Appreciate the ones that scarred me.
Roll with a righteous army. These are my tribal markings
I’ll die for the cause. I’m proud to be a Kamikaze.
I’ll gladly support my team in a major way.
Show them how to be a soldier farm from civilian ways.
The trinity is team work. Peep the divine logo
If we fly solo, we die solo.



Twitter: @daboomsha


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