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Ome Kannaya

Mercy Chinwo is on the list of most active gospel artists this year, and is definitely one of Nigeria’s finest on the fast lane of success. After dropping two new single back-to-back, “Excess Love” and “On A Regular“, she is still in the season of dropping music hits.

And she does it again as she drops a new powerful song titled Ome Kannaya.

Ome Kannaya exalts and adores Jesus Christ, with inspiring song lyrics both a fusion of English and Ibo languages. A song of worship and complete surrender to God in thanksgiving for his goodness and mercy over the years.

Mercy Chinwo pours it out on this single and will definitely bless and inspire your heart.

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    Jesus Ome kannaya (A replica of His Father)
    I worship You today
    Jesus ome kannaya (A replica of His Father)
    I bow before Your throne
    Nara Nara Nara oh (Receive, receive, receive o)
    Nara ekelem jiri bia, onye di nso
    (Receive the praise i bring to you Holy one)
    VERSE 1
    Onye di nso (Holy One)
    I lift my hands to You
    Onye di nso,( Holy One)
    Cause only You deserve it
    Onye di nso, (Holy One)
    ihi nemerem ebuka (What You are doing for me is too big)
    Chionye di nso, (Holy one)
    To You I give my all
    Men may not understand
    How far You’ve brought me
    They may not understand
    VERSE 2
    Onye di nso (Holy One )
    The doer of all good things
    Onye di nso (Holy One)
    inhe ikwuru ga eme (Whatever You say comes to pass)
    Onye di nso (Holy One)
    The only precious lamb of God
    Onye di nso (Holy One)
    Obata obiye (When His involved things change)
    I can’t imagine what I would be without You
    Go without You, Can’t live without You
    I can’t imagine what I will be without You
    Where I would go without YOU
    Can’t live without You o..
    Jesus, omeka nnaya,, obato obiye
    Jesus, omeka nnaya, inhe ikwuru ga eme
    Men may not understand
    How far You’ve brought me
    They may not understand
    Omeka nnaya eh
    Omeka nnaya eh
    Obata obiye
    Omeka nnaya eh
    Omeka nnaya eh
    Inhe ikwuru ga eme..

  2. nice and heart touching both the song rhythm as well as lyrics.
    Am blessed, some of the good things to enjoy on planet Earth.

    1. exactly, i dont know what on earth is more enjoyable than worshiping God in spirit and in truth

      that is my best moment on earth

  3. Awesome song. One of my favorite worship songs right now. Mercy Chinwo is a blessing to the body of Christ. More Grace

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