Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up

Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up

As if there’s not enough attention that artists have to give to their music careers or ministry, there’s a whole lot more that needs to be given to a music group. We have seen gospel music groups here in Nigeria and Africa that have started out with so much fire power and vision and some were even seen and tagged as the “ones to watch”, or, “here to stay”, and other captions. Then they break up after just one album, and that is if they get to that, some just phase out or dissolve after a few singles and a few shows or invites. Why causes these breakups?. We have listed a few reasons why this happens and some of them will interest you to find out, while some are flat out obvious. So here are the Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up.


1. Different Career Paths

Most music groups in these parts started out from choirs and music departments stemming from a need for more edifying music in church, fellowships and other reasons. And there’s an excitement when you just start a group to sing and minister, no pressures, just with that love in your heart for God and you just want to serve and help people worship God.
But then reality sets in and they realize that not everyone wants to do this as a career or for a living. After leaving school or getting older and responsible, everyone defines their path and the group is left with maybe just two out of four who wants to do this as a career and 24/7, others not so much, they love music and God, but have a passion to be a doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc, hence can’t be on the road or on call for this, its not the life for them. That group divides up to continue with a few or everyone goes their way to establish themselves in whatever they love.

TIP: Identify what paths you all are prepared to take and make sure you’re all on the same page before you start up a gospel music group. This unifies the purpose for everyone and for the long term.

2. Disunity Within Group Members

Another reason for groups breaking up is largely to disunity and disagreement among the members of the music group. You have to understand that music groups are made up of people who are human and also growing daily, but not everyone communicates at the same level. In most scenarios, one member comes to conflict or misunderstanding with another and instead of resolving issues with love, both forms a clique and gets a part of the team on their side, and the rest to the other side. The group divides and disbands, and sometimes an overthrow of leadership is done and the group plunges into destruction.

TIP: As a music group, try to always pray for each other and openly discuss conflicts or disagreements so they can be resolved in love. Also note you can be right, but for the sake of the group’s vision, make peace so every one is great and unified to one goal.

3. Fame & Spotlight

Yea, you know this one very well. In every group, in most cases, there is a lead singer who leads most of songs. And if its a band, there’s one instrument that sticks out or maybe that player leads the rest of the band. The lead singer of a group or band is always seen as the leader and since he appears or take leads before others, he gets more of the spotlight and fame whereas the others get part of it (not all cases).
When the lead singer, starts to think he sustains or keeps the music group afloat, he makes the rest seem like hired backups and not equal. This is a major reason to group breakups. Most times, other members of the group who want to express themselves more in the group or band aren’t allowed because the company thinks thinks the lead singer is the face of the band or they are incapable of taking leads as the lead singer. This spells slow doom for the music group and if not resolved, thats it.

TIP: Fame and Spotlight has no substance, when u get it, chew it as gum, spit it away and carry on with what you are doing. Make sure every member of the group is equally growing and participating to fullest potential

4. Financial Issues

Every gospel music group needs to make sure the discuss and come to agreement of what happens to finances when the time comes and the invitations start coming. Money comes from events, programs, shows, record sales, deals, etc and with time the number keep growing and adding up and since there is no solid plan or legal structure, it becomes the cause of division. Who gets what share, who keeps it, what should money be used for, what shouldn’t it be used for, who is shown preferential welfare treatment over others, etc. This is the cause of Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up. In related occasions, the music company they work with, sows the seeds and lets one member think they are worth more money that another. Hence breaking them up for selfish reasons.

TIP: Get a solid structure or legal advice as the need arises and at the right time. Don’t let your music company or manager sow bad seeds in your heart by saying you are worth more payments than others. Talk things openly with your group.

5. Godly Principles & Convictions

Hmm, the last but not the least Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up is when everyone in the group has different godly convictions that others. Its tricky cos people don’t talk about it much. Lets say one member is devoted to attending church services and giving and committed in church, but another member of the group isn’t or doesn’t give much value in it like the former, that may cause a problem. In another case, when some one in the group maybe isn’t available to pray or study Gods word with the team, then theres a problem brewing. This is because a gospel music group has a focus to minister in songs to edify people or inspire and lead them in worship, this involves spiritual inertness or fervency. When a part of the group sees another as spiritually lacking or pulling their spiritual growth back, that sets the group for the fall.

TIP: Pray together, study together and be actively involved spiritually as a group. Allow the group to grow with you involved so that you may be able to minister and fulfill your call.

These are just a few of the Reasons Why Nigerian Gospel Music Groups Break Up. Are there some reasons, you’d like to mention, share it with us on the comment box below.





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