Are Secular Music Videos Better Than Gospel Music videos?

Gospel Music videos

Music video has always been a big part of the music industry, as it add spice to an already great song, I have been watching them since I was a child. Over the years it has grown in style and beauty, the level of artistry put into production has made it a big thing for artiste, directors and audience alike.

Making a music video has been said to be expensive, due to the quality of equipment used, location and other factors involved in creating this memorable visual to compliment the vocals skills of the artiste (singer or rapper). Secular artistes are known to use this medium to interpret their work, putting in the best of hands and quality to make it happen. It was said that gospel artiste do not see the need for a video because their songs were holy, but over the years I have come to see the trend of gospel music ministers creating wonderful visual to run alongside their edifying beautiful songs.

My first encounter of such great work was Bouqui’s latest music video “Demo” featuring Angeloh and Ada Ehi’s creative music videos such as Cheta, Directed by Marvin Keyz who is known for creating captivating visuals, with cameo appearances by some of Nollywood’s best talents; Blossom Chukwujekwu, Rachel Oniga, Helen Odigie, Jimmy Odukoya, Jennifer Oseh, Temidayo Eseigbe, Bernard Kalu and Ifeanyi Micheal Nwaiwu.

It was indeed a star stunted production, for me it was worth watching over and over again, the story, its drama and picture quality was fascinating. She also has great videos like “I Testify”, “Jesus” which were also creative and “I Overcame” which was just epic on a mega scale.

The gospel music video industry is growing on a fast pace with the likes of directors and production outfits like Marvin Keyz, Carel films, Frizzle and Bizzle and more of the likes who has brought colour plus sweetness to Christian music video. Visual like that of Sister Wisdom featuring Cohbams in “So Amazing” also stands out, with classic visuals, also the likes of Joe Praise – “Everything is blessed”, that has great arial drone shots, choreographic and church scene, tell us how far the creativity has come.

We can mention more videos that are must watch, guys like Testimony Jaga with “Igara” and “Jehovah”, Tim Godfrey “so Good”, Nosa “Most High”.



My most recent and loved Christian music video was done by the award winning singer known for his popular hit worship songs too many to mention, no one else but Eben, he recently brought forth a very outstanding, crisp and top-notch music video “Holy Ginger”. The video is a breath of fresh air for the artist and for the industry at large. We need more of such videos that will push forth the standard of gospel music contents. Kudos to the video director and team Frizzle & Bizzle on a spectacular visual.

Moreover we look forward to having platform that can air this amazing works and effort put by these artistes, showcasing it to the world in order to change lives and edifying the body of Christ. I also want to see this visuals compete and winning awards on all platform gospel or secular, those up and coming, should take queue from this guys and fellow suit in creating the best.


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