Fani Kayode Cautions Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo for Attacking Pastor Chris Online

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode speaks up to caution the Pastor of KICC, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo for his earlier attack on Pastor Chris Oyahkilome early this week. Pastor Chris, founder and pastor of Loveworld, popularly known as Christ Embassy Church has been guiding his congregational church worldwide to pray and fast for a week since the National lockdown started as a result of the global Covid19 Pandemic. Also the renowned minister further took his congregation through an Eschatology expose about the events that are enfolding in the end time and events that are set to lead to a new world order as spoken in the Bible.

Pastor in his daily prayer sessions further exposed that a virus is not a natural phenomenon but as a result of a cause which he attributes to 5G networks and a ploy by world powers and the deep state to create ultimately a new world order, economy, identification and much more which are signs of the end time spoken in the bible.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo attacks Pastor Chris via social media to speak against this that there is no correlation between 5G and the End Times. He said that some Christian leaders could join ignorant minds in promoting conspiracy theories. According to him, it has always been the nature of Christian leaders to plant fear in their members whenever there was going to be a major world occurrence. This he spoke referring to Pastor Chris.

Femi Fani-Kayode went on to rebuke Pastor Matthew for speaking against Pastor Chris. The former Aviation minister share that his disappointment in the KICC pastors debunk of events that will lead to the end times.

“If you do not understand what is happening in the world today please read more widely and do more research. The Bible says “knowledge is power”.

Do not limit yourself to your imperfect understanding or faulty interpretation of the scriptures. As a matter of fact do not limit your knowledge to the scriptures alone. Read more and read widely and the light of knowledge will guide you and lead you on the path of truth.” Fani shared in his lengthy and explanatory article titled “5G, God’s Generals and The Hordes of Mordor

You can find the whole article written by Fani Kayode in his wesbsite, link below

5G, God’s Generals and The Hordes of Mordor

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  1. Young Mr ashimolowo instead of arguing with My pastors Research why not prove a point with ur research on the matter instead of judging…
    Thank you esteemed fanikayode…

    1. The Bible Yahoo men that called men of God are the major problem will have in this country,infact this would.can you imagine those business man that call them selves men of God are still aguing at this critical times.if you are a truly man of God as you claim to be.go and fight coronavirus.that is what we are beg God for.God told me this,God told me that,fake, scammers,why is God not speaking to you pastors now?

    2. What we are seeing now is a pointer to the last days.Jesus spoke extensively about the event of the last days in Matthew 24.
      There is no room for unnecessary attack.The end time is here

  2. Many years ago, before the banks in Nigeria introduced the ATM we ‘re using today, it was the same Pastor Chris that first talked about it and it came to pass. Now he is telling the world of what is about to take place and here is a pastor trying to antagonize him.
    I know always pastor ashimolowo Matthew as an antagonist over the years. This was how he stood his ground against pastor Chris Oyakhilome about 19 years ago. He should Learn to celebrate good, rather than speaking evil.

  3. All these so-called men of God who are regularly on the TV and in radio stations boasting about their god-annointed healing powers and inviting people to bring all problems to their churches for solutions should go now to our Isolation Centers to lay hands on the coronavirus patients there and heal them. Otherwise, after this Koro period, they should permanently keep their mouths shut and stop receiving the gullible followers on the TV or Radio Stations. Nonsense.

    1. Your smartness in replying should also let you know that coronavirus wards are not open for visitors, and not even family members, anyways, and in this instance you don’t get diagnosed and then return for treatment at some later scheduled date and then visit a healing meeting in church or so. You get diagnosed and then you’re compulsorily quarantined. It makes absolutely no sense to say that pastors are not laying hands on people for healing etc

    2. Hi. I thought to remind you that we are on lockdown. How do you expect pastors to go out to hospital to heal without being invited. Are you even a Christian?

  4. Comment:wow!! Bravo to fani kayode pls lecture this false prophets pastor to go back n read s Bible very well. thank God d Bible let us to understand that the false Prophets will surely arise before Ushering in d anti christ

  5. What we are seeing now is a pointer to the last days.Jesus spoke extensively about the event of the last days in Matthew 24.
    There is no room for unnecessary attack.The end time is here

  6. I am disappointed in Matthew Ashimolowo. I use to have so much regards for him but this he has done hmmm. I think he should apologize to Chris if he really wants to make heaven

  7. In time like these, Christians, especially ministers of the gospel are suppose to go to God, search the revelation of God’s word to get spiritual truths. Many do not understand God’s calendar for the world. They are more of motivational speakers. Pastor Chris well done.

  8. Fani Kayode, are you a pastor?. Why didn’t you advise these pastors to go to the hospitals and heal those with coronavirus. They should show us their miracle healing power now. You want to be heard in all issues. Please have a rest and keep quiet sometimes.

  9. Thank you sir Chief Fani-kayode for your responses. May the Almighty God deliver us from some of this Pastors. I know many lazy Christians who will not take their time to study the Bible, but only believing and acting on my Pastor says will fall victim of this end time prophesy. The missionaries that brought Christianity to African introduced Education so that everyone one can read the Bible in order not to be deceived but, the prevlidged educated Christians, have refused to discover the truth by themselves.
    In fact, I don’t know why we Christians derived joy in attacking ourselves. The teachings that souls have been blessed of. May God forgive us all.

    Pastor Chris, weldone sir.

  10. Mr Joe watch your tongue when talking about men of God (his anoited ) brethrens this is not time to sit back and watch devil tricks us is the right time to preach the gospel and let people know this is the hour Christ is coming no amount of prayer will stop this is a sign it is written, it planned by God even the anti Christ is God’s plan so take the gospel to the world win souls for kindom sake so that when Christ comes he will take mutitude with him to fill heaven. Amen it’s our calling

  11. How i wish we’ll learn from this pandemic.
    must Christ die all over again before we’ll learn?
    Are men of God the problem or we are?
    thesame Bible you have at home because you don’t read it they we decieve you with it.
    People are indoors hungry you are not helping yet with your glomour lifesyle you still demand online offerings and tithe…
    that is greed.
    Many of this people are not blessing to us rather we are a blessing to them.
    Just for few weeks without extoltion they are now confuse and attacking themselves in words are their member have not learnt anything.
    Ignorant members and follows will always be a scapegoat.

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