Nathaniel Bassey’s “Yeshua Hamashiach” Brings Hope and Strength In These Troubling Times

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While the world continues it’s fight to survive and overcome the unseen enemy during the global pandemic and the heightened chaos that the world is facing, Africans especially Nigerians do what they have always done in such times, and that is to be hopeful and pray. “God Dey” is a slang Nigerians use to say “God is in control” when faced with a situation they cannot handle with their own strength. In fact, one of the most popular Nigerian phrases says “God Na U” and it refers to “God, I look unto you” or “God You Did it”, and also places trust in God’s strength to save. But it also can refer to “God, it’s beyond me”.

The first time you hear the long chant “Yeshua Hamashiach, Lion of Judah, Agunechemba”, it immediately gives the chills because it is like a war cry.
There’s something in that sound that shines a ray of light in a dark place and you feel it.

Nigerian worship minister Nathaniel Bassey in November 2019, a few months away announced the release of a new album “The King Is Coming”, a collection of songs about the coming of Christ. According to Pastor Nath (as he is called) it was inspired in his heart to quickly record this timely album, he shared publicly. At the the bottom of this 13-track album sits a song that has become quite a go-to source of comfort and strength in these times of global pandemic.

Yeshua Hamashiach – it means “Jesus The Messiah” in Hebrew language.

Agunechemba means “The Lion on the Throne” or “The Lion of the tribe of Judah” in Nigerian Ibo language.

And that is all the song says for a number of minutes, yet powerful and captivating is the sound of it and the harmonies that comes with it. Nathaniel Bassey’s trumpet solo rises like a kingdom’s call all through and finally ending this amazing piece. This song and album came just in time before the happenings around the world and is definitely a source of hope to Nigerians, Africans and much more around the world with many placing their hope and looking to God for safety, health and blessings during these times.

[ Download Yeshua Hamashiac here>> ]

With little promotion, this album sits on online stores for months, it is a wonder how from it came out this song noticed from the pack and is spreading out to encourage people out there, giving strength once again. God is able, God can, Put your trust in him, He is the God of war and Love, theses are the interpretations and message that this song conveys in such times.


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