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Minister Mex - Big God

African-American Gospel music artist, Minister Mex unveils groovy praise anthem “Big God”, featuring prolific Gospel artiste Mike Abdul.

Real name Emeka Okpala, Minister Mex is an eclectic, multilingual singer songwriter/producer, as well as an accomplished music director, who creates music with a strong blend of African American influences as inspired by the holy spirit.

Minister Mex, born and raised in Jos, a city in the northern part of Nigeria.
From an early age he always found himself strongly attracted to music (especially traditional African Contemporary). getting to the United states, he has worked with great gospel artists in the likes of Samsoft, Sammie Okposo, Mairo Ese, Clebiane and lots more.

He has recorded several songs like “Super”, “Only You”, “Will You Be Ready” and other popular songs.

Sharing the inspiration behind his latest single “Big God”, Minister Mex said; “Big God is a song that came from the lowest state of my life. When I went through that moment of trial, all I did was continue to praise God letting Him know that I trust He will get me out of that situation. At the end of it all, we need to understand that even when things look impossible, He is there walking side by side with us. I serve a very BIG GOD”!!!

“Big God” was produced by Phate – E – Production




Watch official video below;


“Big God” LYRICS

Oh oh oh oh
Its your boy Mex and Mike Abdul


I serve a very big God oh

Oh oh oh oh

I serve a very big God oh


My God, you’re always by my side oh

I go give you the praise

You will never change x2

Who dey forgive my sins
Who dey give me joy
Who dey heal my heart oh
Na Jesus

Eh eh who dey forgive my sins oh
Who dey heal my heart oh
Who dey give me joy oh oh oh

Na Jesus

Vamp 1
Say, baba Na you

You cover me with your hands Lord,

You cover me with your wings Lord

Akamdinelu (a-kam-de-ney-lu) 2x


I serve a very big God oh…) 4x
Chineke mo

My God is bigger my God is greater
My God is bigger yelele eh eh eh eh eh eh

I serve him

You serve Him,

Do you serve am

We are serving iyelelele eeehhhhh

Mike Abdul

Inexhaustible oh,

Insurmountable God

The mountains obey you

Every government surrender

You are the starting the middle the ending the final say

Oh jah Jehovah biggy biggy heavy heavy

You are the talk e Na do

(Baba na you, you cover me with your hands Lord…)
akamdinelu x2

Goodness and mercy (call)

Goodness and mercy everyday I will see

Nothing is impossible

It is well with my soul

My case is different my case is different

Goodness and mercy everyday I will

Nothing’s impossible, nothing is impossible x3

Repeat chorus (I serve a very big God..)

Bigger than what people say

Bigger than what people call him

He’s bigger than all the names that we know oh oh oh oh

Bigger than all the names oh

Wonderful marvelous beautiful powerful glorious majestic remarkable excellent eminent distinguished fabulous

Bigger than all the name

Repeat chorus (I serve a very big God…

Connect with Minister Mex;

Twitter: @officialmex4

Instagram: Minister_Mex

Facebook: Minister Mex

YouTube: Mex Music

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