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Daywalker Releases New Song “Na You”

Singer – Songwriter Daywalker’s Music infuses smooth vocals and sweet Afrobeat harmonies into Urban/Contemporary Gospel.

Daywalker’s latest single “Na You” talks about the Almighty being the reason for everything that happens in the life of a believer, finding hope and promise during dark times. So many times God can remove us from bad/comfortable situation to redirect to our purpose or save us from the unknown. We are supposed to trust the almighty wholeheartedly as he has plans for us.

Born and raised in a Nigerian Christian home – as a youth Daywalker’s role models were singers like Timi Dakolo, Darey Art Alade, Sinach and Frank Edwards. Following the lead of such Vocal trailblazers, the young talented singer started singing as a teenager in the church choir.

Daywalker’s talent as a songwriter began to bud when he was singing with several musical groups during his days in the university out of which the latest single “Na You” arose which happens to be his debut. According to Daywalker, He wants to connect to as many souls as possible preaching the message of truth and hope through his Music. Keep a close watch on him because there’s going to be a lot more from Daywalker



Instagram: @Daywalkergram
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