Great Daniel’s Allegations Against Eezee Concepts Stir Up Concerns

Eezee Global has been on the news recently with a couple of bad press about the relationships with their artists, previously there was Mercy Chinwo exit from the music family, the news that caused a stir in the wake of her latest EP, ELEVATED.

The latest of such news is that being stirred being by the former youngest artist on the label, Great Daniel, where he asserted that he was abused by the label. Great Daniel had granted an interview and accused the label of abuse, saying he was slapped for speaking in tongues.

How true are these allegations, what may have transpired between the former boss and the artist who was signed last year July 2022 (See That Story Here).  Curerntly we haven’t heard from Eezee Global about these happenings.

According to Alex of Selah Afrik “We placed a call to EeZee Tee concerning the latest development.. EeZee Tee refused to give a response but anyone who knows artistes on the label such as Minister GUC, Judikay, Esther Orji and more, will wonder why their faces are not turning red and pale by now for always speaking in tongues during their ministrations”

We pray that whatever this is, that there will be a peaceful resolution to both parties.

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