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Loveworld Singers – The Great Physician (By Sylvia) | + Lyrics

The Great Physician” is a song by the Loveworld Singers led by gifted singer Sylvia  who is a member of the group. Loveworld Singers are group of worshipers from Christ Embassy Church raised by Pastor Chris to minister in worship in the sanctuary as he fulfills his assignment to bring back true worship to the Church. Pastor Chris holds regular Praise Night services where the church and the body of Christ are led in worship by the Loveworld Singers with new songs and recently introduced worship songs, these services reach millions and more people worldwide who tune in to worship with Him. This year his mission is to reach 7 billion people for Christ.

“The Great Physician” is one of the songs sang during the July edition of Healing Streams Live Services with Pastor Chris and the Loveworld Singers.

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Feeling forsaken

Lost and alone Your hope’s been crushed

Body bruised and scarred

Doctors given up on you

Your continued wait for an answer

Has overwhelmed you with sorrow

You’ve done all you could

Now you’re uncertain of tomorrow

All: There’s no need to despair

You are at the right place

I know of a great physician His name is Jesus

There’s no pain he can’t heal No trouble he cannot fix

Solo: His word cleanses and purifies

His love restores


The great physician is here

With his love in full display

He’s Working through us

Reaching out to you right now

The great physician is here

With his love in full display

We are his outstretched arm At our word

You’ll be loosed from your infirmities

Verse 2

Solo: Just like the man

at the gate called beautiful Lame from his mother’s womb

He was carried and laid there daily

Begging for arms without hope

You might have been crippled with pain Silver and gold cannot take away

But look on us, in the name of Jesus You’ll be healed

All: There’s no need to despair

You are at the right place

Just believe in the words we speak

They are spirit and life

And in the power of his name

You will be made whole

Solo: His name has all power And all authority

Repeat Chorus


You will walk again

You will see again

The dead will live again

You’ll be made whole


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