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Enea Kelvin Releases Debut Album, The Beloved

Gospel music continues to be a place of refuge for an uncountable number of people seeking a higher purpose and connection to something beyond them. Germany-based Nigerian gospel singer, Enea Kelvin, understands the efficacy of gospel music more than most having grown up surrounded by church music and the power of the gospel from a young age.

Coming years after her relocation to Germany and a call to ministry that has brought her all the closer to her personal convictions, Enea Kelvin’s debut album, The Beloved, is a meditative tome on the love of God, a heightened relationship with the holy spirit, and an examination of the relationship between the singer and God. The Beloved kicks off with “You Are,” an epic-tinged acknowledgement of God’s supremacy and her appreciation of his love and guidance. The album then segues into “Bow Down,” another profound declaration of her acceptance of God’s divine nature.

“The album has been long overdue,” Enea Kelvin says about the project. “I’ve been singing professionally since 2017. So far, we’ve had some singles that have been released. And we have had songs piled up that we produced a long time ago. There are some songs that God has blessed us with that I believe will reach out to people and bless them. It’s a whole body of work. I got the conviction, and we are ready. We are ready to go out.”

Taken together, songs like “You Be God,” “Your Love,” and the previously released “Ochuko Me” touch on the nature of God’s love and it’s a topic that the singer was keen to dwell on across the span of The Beloved. “The message is actually the love of God because I’ve seen God’s love,” Kelvin says. “God loves me so so much, because of the circumstances that have happened around me, God has proven that he loves me. I am different. I’m his beloved. When you listen to some of the songs, they just try to portray God’s love towards man. It will let people know how much God loves them, and that no matter the situation, no matter what you’ve gone through, no matter who you are or what you’ve done before in the past, when you come to him, he’ll take you back. They should expect the message of love from God, and they should be ready to be blessed.” Speaking of the project the singer says,

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