10 Steps To Stop Procrastination And Meet Your Goals

10 Steps to Stop Procrastination and Meet Your Goals

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the habit of delaying important responsibilities and tasks by focusing on time wasting and less important activities.

Here are 10 steps that can help guide you into breaking the cycle of procrastination and achieving your goals.

1. Set Your Goal

Set a clear focus and decision on what your goal is and how important or urgent it is. List your goals based on their priority and urgency. Then focus on one goal at a time.

2. Break Goal Into Bit-sizes

Some people procrastinate because they see their tasks as too daunting to begin. The solution it to break your goals into bit-size tasks. Take a pen and break the goal to its smallest size and then just focus on each small task to start. Before long you will have gone through your bit-size task list.

3. Assign Date To Bit-size Tasks

Fixing a date for every small task helps to make sure that you see that your goal is workable and can be done. By doing so you see the successful end of the goal from the beginning where you are.

4. Set Reminders For Each Date

A reminder clock is a good way to remind yourself of what you had scheduled to do at a set date. Set your reminders a day before to get fully prepared for the set task. Your phone has a clock app pre-built in it, or maybe it has a reminder app instead that you can use right away.

5. Create A Buddy System or Find An Accountability partner

It’s good enough to set dates and daily reminders, they are effective. You can also add an additional layer of reminders by having an Accountability buddy. Sharing your goals with a friend who can help push you when you are procrastinating is very important, especially for a severe procrastinator.

6. Set a Budget

Most yearly goals are improvement targets that we set to improve how we live,  maybe you what to change apartments, invest, buy a car or house or start a project, etc. The thought of the finances required to get it done can make a goal daunting. So list your budgets and set them according to your bitsize tasks , break down your budget and it will be easier to face.

7. Create A Team or Assign Someone For Each Task

One of the most effective ways to start tasks and see them to completion is to assign someone or a team for each tasks you have broken the goal into. If you are a company head or leader, then this is very important. But if its just personal goals, you can do same by having helpers or friends that you assign your tasks to, monitor them or pay them and oversea them as they get things moving.

8. Celebrate Your Wins

Always celebrate your small wins as you tick their completion. It will inspire you and your team to do much more and drive you towards bigger accomplishments going further.

9. Enjoy The Journey

It is very important, that you don’t loose yourself while trying to make your goals come to fruition. The journey should be enjoyed, the process should make you a better person. Don’t sacrifice friends, your happiness and joy trying to meet your goals. Enjoy the experience, take time to rest a few times, spend time with family and friends. Take note of what you learn from each project and share it with your family and loved ones.

10. Rinse And Repeat

Alright, after you have celebrated your achievement of a bit-size task, group of tasks or the big goal. Take notes and follow the same path or strategy to tackle the next goal and the next, till you have accomplished all you goals. Have fun.

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