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Born Oluwole Michael, Popularly known as Mayo Music.

Having produced Songs like: Way Maker, He did It Again, Spreading, Our God Reigns by Sinach; Jesus, Our God Reigns, Cheta by Ada; Number One by Eben; Blessed Be Your Name, Lion Of Judah, Alpha and Omega by Tsharp; This Year, Lights Everywhere, Bigger Than Yesterday by Israel Strong; Showers of Blessings, All Around The World by Apostle Lina; Light Of The World by CSO and Israel Strong; No More Loss by Mike Abdul…And a vast list of other beautiful songs.

He has decided to begin his music journey, putting out everything God inspires him with as far as music is concerned. To kick off, He has this beautiful piece for you titled MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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Twitter: @Mayothegreatest

Instagram: @mayomusic

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