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Rarely do we across a gospel rap album that so proudly sticks to its theme all through while being diverse in each track. I think the first point to the Perfectionist EP is that it sounds and feels home, even though the sound is classic and international but also it is not over-your-head music, its close to its roots.

Unlike other rappers, Toju’s music collection is a great representation of African|Nigerian gospel rap. In the intro the artist speaks of putting out your ideas out there even if they are imperfect, but a listen to the album shows that the artist is sort of a perfectionist. But that’s just my mind thinking.

You can immediately feel at home as the EP kicks off with “In Love”, a soft rock song about being in love with God, a defining message for the whole collection since love inspires all that the artist’s music stands for.

Promo” speaks about telling every one about God, announcing Him, promoting Him. The verses are poetic and need careful listening but they do drive home the message.

Singing songs to a lady in a gospel album is gradually growing on our artists, and sometimes they shroud so we can’t tell if the song is for God or for a girl with some, Toju is clear on the direction of the track “2geda”. Add this to your list of love songs or rather wedding songs collection.

Bringing on the naija beats on the next track “Soundcode” charges the feel of the EP, and gets the dance rolling for me. It speaks about using your words (sound) to declare your victories, favor, grace and success in life, keep saying it.

The peak of the album, is one of my favorites “Ama Success”, not just cos I have a thing for the guitar which  I admit to, but I love the the rap lyrics on this track, and with a hook line like this one, its just perfect, oh did i say perfect.

A perfect ending for the Perfectionist EP is the track “Pose”, and I must say this track displays once more the talent of the artists in his lyrics and mindset towards gospel music. And open your mind to the ladies as well as guys on this track, hahaa, got to mention that.

Over all, I love the Perfectionist and as a free EP, it delivers more than is expected from other albums sold out there. It sticks to its theme, and full of songs that seem to come from someone who makes music fun as well as message inspired.

So this brings me back to my first question after listening to every track on the album, wether the artist is a perfectionist or not, but you can decide that on your own. Or rather the main question we should answer is this; Is The Perfectionist perfect? 

Rating: 3/5

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  1. Intro
  2. In Love
  3. Promo
  4. 2geda
  5. Soundcode ft. Amjay
  6. Resting
  7. Ama Success
  8. Pose

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