Should A Christian Listen To Secular Music?

Should A Christian Listen To Secular Music?

Why don’t we start by defining the word ‘Secular’

“Secular” – not connected with spiritual matters.

Although our lives are sanctified by God, many things we do are actually quite Secular – like work, food, business, etc. So the word ‘Secular’ isn’t evil – it just might mean ‘not directly related to Heavenly things’.

But ‘Secular’ also has another synonym:


This is the type of music that we were warned of by our parents, Pastors and elders in the faith.

So it seems to me that ‘secular’ music could be on a spectrum like this, from good – to – profane.

– ——–>
About Life -> Negative -> Vulgar -> Profane

Song about laughter, having a beautiful wife, enjoying delicious food, travelling, – are not necessarily ‘Heavenly things‘.

Songs that make you feel so grateful, songs that bring back fond memories, that reminds you of home – these may not be directly connected to spiritual things.

I think the question is – What do you feel like doing after hearing a song? What desires does this music create in you?

I believe that the Holy Spirit lives in us to guide us in all things – and you will hear your inside man telling you when a song (or music video or Instagram page) is not for you.

In all, I don’t think all Secular songs are bad. But all profane songs are bad, at least bad for a Chriatian who desires to grow.

Generally, spirit-filled music helps me think much more about Heavenly realities. So I mostly listen to spirit-filled music.

However, there are many ‘secular’ (not profane) songs that are excellent and I would happily listen to for other purposes.

There’s a lot of freedom in Christ, within the boundaries of God’s word. Yet, we cannot deny that many songs are becoming bolder about defying God.


WRITER: Mayo Matesun


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